Our new dates have booked up super quickly so we will soon be working on the next set of workshops for June/July & maybe we will even do a few in August this year.

Our exhibition will be held in Padstow in May and we are very excited to invite anyone who has painted at the Studio this year to participate. We can only take a maximum of 60 paintings however due to space available in the hall. The list of exhibitors can be found on the web site here >>

Mixed Media
Please think of us before you put Cornwall magazines, National Trust booklets, maps etc in your recycling as we can use them at our mixed media workshops. Just bring them along when you attend a session and we can add them to our big box of mixed media 'treasures'.

Beginner's Workshops

We do try to run at least one complete beginner's workshop in each of our terms.

We always emphasise that all of our sessions are suitable for beginners, as well as more experienced artists. However, this new beginner's session will go back to basics in the demonstration to give you an all round masterclass on how to paint sky, sea, clouds and sand.

If you are on our email list and know someone who has never tried painting in acrylics before but would like to give it a go, then this is the session for them!